Soundstage Rhythm Orchestra

Based in Tualatin OR

The Soundstage Rhythm Orchestra brings a fresh mixture of talent, sound, and energy to the dance floor and the stage. Their fusion of musical styles unites the golden era of the big band, the memorable age of the dance orchestra, and the smooth stylings of the ballroom, coupled with the energy of the here and now. With 25 musicians rounding out the largest dance orchestra on the west coast, a professional and experienced director, and a large repertoire of vibrant tunes, the Soundstage Rhythm Orchestra performs for private, civic, and corporate events all across Oregon and Washington.

The elegant sound of strings, woodwinds, brass, keyboard and percussion gives Soundstage a distinctive voice. This novel sound weaves the fabric of fun and fantasy for every audience. They will glide to the smooth sounds of Foxtrot, Waltz, and Tango; dance to the rhythm of the Latins—Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, and Salsa; and shake it up with Swing and Disco.

Sit back and just enjoy the music. With the big orchestra flare, discover again the memorable works of the Beatles, ABBA, Mancini, and more. Add movie melodies that moved us on screen, Strauss Waltzes that delighted our souls, the sound of the big bands reminding us of times gone by, and classical pieces that never grow old, you won't be sitting for long.

The Soundstage Rhythm Orchestra: innovative, fresh, and fun.

It's about time! It's about music!