Stilt Drum Trio

Based in San Jose CA

Not to be confused with your typical stilt walkers, D.A.M Stilt Dancers are extremely talented when it comes to enheightening your event.  We are specifically trained to masterfully navigate any environment, we bring years of dance, performance, and acrobatic experience to our stilting, and our costumes are hand crafted and one of a kind. We dazzle the crowd with kicks, turns, and acrobatic feats and we love to invite the audience to engage with the use of props, music, and dance.

Our lively Trio will dazzle your audience with two elaborately costumed Stilt Dancers performing a combination of freestyle and choreographed acrobatic dance to music created by our versatile Drummer, who can either play alone or accompany recorded music.  This act can be mobile or stationary and is sure to get your guests dancing and celebrating along with us.