Tennessee Larue and Shin Bone Alley Band

Based in Bluff City TN

My journey in the music industry took root in the late 1960s, a time of creative exploration and boundless possibilities. A passion for songwriting and a mastery of various instruments became the foundation of my musical odyssey. I had the distinct honor of performing alongside iconic country figures, such as the late Buck Owens, immersing myself in the rich tapestry of country music before my Nashville recording debut in 1999 under the moniker Tennessee Larue.

Over the years, I expanded my horizons by embracing roles as a producer, music entrepreneur, and tireless advocate for fellow artists. I've invested my heart and soul into crafting melodies that resonate with people, seizing every opportunity to share my music's essence with the world. Each spring, I embark on a musical journey, touring with my cherished band, Shin Bone Alley, a tradition that's endured for decades.

This year marks a milestone as I was humbly inducted into the Honor Society, a distinction I hold dear in the realm of Performing Arts. My presence is also acknowledged in the esteemed pages of the Cambridge Who's Who. Through it all, my fans have stood by my side, unwavering in their support. To them, my heartfelt gratitude flows, as they've been the cornerstone of my artistic endeavor. Every chord struck, every lyric penned, is a testament to their unwavering loyalty.

As a CMT Music Artist, my melodies now resonate with an audience of over 7 million across the globe. This remarkable journey has nurtured a dedicated fan base of over 106,000, a number that continues to grow with time. To all those who have been part of my musical voyage, your presence has been my guiding light. With sincere appreciation for your unwavering support,

Larry Cox / Tennessee Larue