The Gumbo Gumbas

Based in Ewing NJ

The Gumbo Gumbas are “A delicious medley of authentic New Orleans Spaghetti Jazz with a side of Creole from New Jersey. We play the music that will make you happy and want to jump for joy. We get our influences from the city that started it all in American music, New Orleans and blend the elements of jazz, zydeco, R&B, country and rock into a big old fashioned southern stew. Our mission is to spread the vibe of NOLA up to the north. There are so many people who have not visited this great music city and we want to expose as many people as we can to the magic that is New Orleans.”

The Gumbo Gumbas play original compositions and traditional music from the early 1900’s. Our influences are Louis Armstrong, Louie Prima, the great swing bands of the 30’s & 40’s. Along with playing the classic songs of that time period, we offer a history lesson to our audience by talking in-between numbers and telling stories pertaining to the music and the history of New Orleans when the songs were first composed. The music is cross generational, fun to dance to and great to listen to. It’s fabulous for concerts, night clubs, educational institutions and vineyards.


Gumbo Gumbas Demo Part 1
Gumbo Gumbas Demo Part 2