The Shenanigans

Based in North hollywood Ca

The Shenanigans formed in 1986 as a fun loving Irish Duo, and have played over the years in the Los Angeles and Detroit areas.  Their current lineup is a trio consisting of two accomplished guitarists, Tom Lee & Don Raymond, accompanied by  red hot violinist Mark Indictor.  Lee maintains the bass and rhythm, as Raymond articulates beautiful counterpoint and lead work, as Indictor weaves magic with his fiddle.  All three lads sing, and fill the songs they deliver with Irish Pride, Brough, and of course, a lot of Blarney!  (Lee sings an "Oh, Danny Boy" that is unsurpassed.)    They are known to also weave in Scottish Tunes along with an occasional rocker!   The Shenanigans will make you drink, laugh, cry...and then drink again.

The Wild Rover * Whiskey In The Jar * The Irish Rover * The Galway Shawl * McNamarra's Band * The Whisteling Gypsy Rover * The Unicorn * The Black Velvet Band * Drowsy Maggie's Reel * Morrison's Jig

Molly Malone * Dirty Old Town * Mari's Wedding * A Town I Loved So Well * The Orange & The Green * I'll Tell Me Ma * The Patriot Game * Oh, Danny Boy * When Irish Eyes Are Smiling * Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra

My Wild Irish Rose * Four Green Fields * Bridget Flynn * Lilly The Pink * Goodbye Mrs Durkin * Galway Bay * Take Me Back To Mayo * The Streets of London * The Good Ship Of London * The Scottsman

The Wild Colonial Boy * Holy Ground

The Shenanigans Promo 1:16:2017
Mark Indictor Violinist