Ulster Landing

Based in Medford MA

Ulster Landing is an energetic band of fiddle, harp, bouzouki, uilleann (Irish) pipes and vocals. We specialize in traditional folk music of the Celtic nations including Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Cornwall, and we have a great time doing it! Classically trained, each musician found a unique musical voice in folk music. Ulster Landing brings our love for music to each and every performance. 

We perform at weddings, parties, church services, funerals, ceilidhs, corporate events and more. Whatever the gathering, there's nothing like the sound of pipes, harp and fiddle to stir the soul and liven the spirits.  Make your event truly unique with boisterous reels and jigs, soulful strathspeys and beautiful slow airs. We can provide formal background music, a rousing Irish session and singalong, or a participatory event to get your guests up and dancing reels in a matter of minutes.