Your Career As A Talent Coordinator
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GigRoster™ offers an excellent career opportunity for you, with your experience as a professional entertainer, to create extra income with a full or part time business, built at your own pace, that fits your skills and schedule and also complements your active work as a musician, performer or entertainer.

As a Talent Coordinator, licensed with GigRoster™, you are part of the large nationwide organization of Real Talent, supported by an extensive network of services including the exclusive integrated GigRoster™ Suite of tools. If you are ready to get started, you can quickly begin working with potential customers to book talent at their events and parties!

GigRoster™ has been booking entertainment since 1983 and now, you can join the team of Real Talent and begin getting paid for booking premium talent too!

Are you qualified to apply? As with any entertainment opportunity, not everyone has the background and experience, but If you have at least 5 years of experience working as a professional musician, performer, band leader or entertainer you may very well have what it takes and you are invited to apply.

Take a look at the full license agreement here. There is no up front startup cost or initiation fee.

When your application is approved and you've complete the onboarding process, your monthly investment in your business is a $15.00 (about 50¢ a day) maintenance fee to cover the cost of your suite of tools, but the $15.00 maintenance fee is reimbursed to you in full quarterly when you generate at least $90.00 in commissions, so there is No Cost To You. After a 6 month evaluation and training period and meeting the minimal successful bookings, your maintenance fee will be retired forever and covered by GigRoster™

This page is for our Talent Coordinator Application. If you are a performing act and would like to list your act for bookings, do not complete the Talent Coordinator Application, instead, click here to create a free entertainer listing.