Terms and Policies for Performing Act Registration

By Registering with Professional Entertainment Consultants (PEC) you agree to these policies:

There is currently no charge to register any type of performing act with Professional Entertainment Consultants. Herein PEC and/or Professional Entertainment and or PRO-ENT.COM shall refer to Professional Entertainment Consultants and Any web sites owned by Professional Entertainment Consultants or using the search functions of Professional Entertainment Consultants. Registrant shall refer to the performer, act, band, group, entertainer or service provider who is registering on the site to be available to potential purchasers.

The contact information may be used, by PEC and PEC consultants and associates to contact performers with information on changes in policies or updates in services or products available to performers or to contact performers to request additional promotional material or information. It may also be used by our consultants to communicate regarding booking potential performances or making offers, checking on schedule and price for specific performances and similar type functions. Contact information is not made available on the web site(s) to potential clients nor do PEC agents provide any contact information to potential clients or others without consent of the performer unless required by a legal instrument, where reasonable legal requirements may be determined by PEC.

Listing of any registrant either on PRO-ENT.COM or in any other way with the PEC Agency shall be at the sole discretion of PEC. PEC does not make any promise or guarantee that by registering a performer or registrant will be listed or made available through Professional Entertainment to potential clients in any way. PEC may delete or remove any listing at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of PEC. PEC further, does not promise, warranty or guarantee that a performer or act shall receive any bookings by registering as an act available through PEC. Any promotional materials provided to PEC will not be returned even in the event that PEC does not choose to make the act available through PEC. Any information or promotional material provided by a performer or act, whether electronic, images, sound or video samples or any other material representing the performer or act will be considered marketing materials for that performer or act by PEC and may be used in any way reasonable to do so for purposes of obtaining bookings for that performer or act. Any material provided may be edited or changed to suit both the format of PEC's marketing efforts and for content at the sole discretion of PEC. PEC advertises in both print and Internet media and your act name may be listed as available through PEC on any advertising and furthermore some ads are not available at all times for editing. Any changes requested to be made to advertising will in most cases be honored but may require substantial advance notice of 12 months or more for changes to be implemented.

Any promotional material including printed, text, sound clips, video clips, pictures or images or anything used for promotional purposes in promoting the registrant may be used on the PEC site or in producing hard copies of promotional material including anything sent to PEC by electronics means at or after the time of registration or delivered in hard copy form or any sound clips, photos, text, images, videos or other items available on any web site that is included or provided to PEC at the time of registration. Registrant warrants that they have the right to distribute and post any provided promotional material including printed, text, sound clips, video clips, pictures or images or anything used for promotional purposes in promoting the registrant and that it is the sole responsibility of the registrant for obtaining the rights to provide, post or distribute any promotional material including printed, text, sound clips, video clips, pictures or images or anything used for promotional purposes in promoting the registrant through PEC.

PEC is a booking agency and special event planning company. As such PEC makes a commission for booking entertainment for any client who books an act as a result of having found them through PEC, including those performers and acts which may not have an "exclusive" booking arrangement with PEC. This commission is in the form of a fee charged above a performer or act's "clear" fee. At the time of booking and contracting a performer or act will have a guaranteed, contracted fee which they will net. The commission is not at a set rate and depends on the area of the country, type of performance and the agent or associate who is booking the performance but it will not in any case have any effect on the price that the performer or act has agreed they will net for a specific performance. Many performers and acts offer a discount on their standard fee in consideration of the marketing and contracting services provided and since this makes the performer or act more marketable to potential clients by PEC. A reduction in standard fee is not required or expected. All terms of any specific booking will be verbally agreed to prior to the writing of the contract and confirmed, in writing, by contractual agreement of all parties when a booking is made. PEC may in some cases act as the purchaser of a performer or act who will then be included or intended to be included as part of a larger package which will be "re-sold" to a client. Any client who books the performer or act as a result of a free listing is obligated to refer the booking to PEC or a PEC agent.

If a performer or act has an exclusive manager AND that manager or agent has the SOLE right to book that performer or act, PEC is happy to work with that individual or company as the primary booking contact and they are welcomed to create a listing for that performer or act. No act or performer may be registered or listed EXCEPT by the owner of the act or the individual or company who is the sole, exclusive booking contact for the act or performer. Agencies may not list acts or performers, even if they have in the past booked the act or performer except in the case that the agency has the sole, exclusive right as granted by the act or performer for all booking, without exception. If listings are made by agencies without an exclusive right to book, those listings will be removed without notice.

All listings are provided as a courtesy and without exchange of any payment and may be removed with or without cause at the sole discretion of gigroster.com at any time without recourse by the individual or organization listing the act. This policy may be changed or amended and all registered performers and acts agree that the current policy shall supersede any previous policy.