Bob Peace

Based in New York NY

Bob's acoustic blend of island, pop, country and folk music has been heard on NPR, landed him a performance with Jon Fishman (Phish) and led his debut record to chart in between Jack Johnson and the Avett Brothers on radio.

Bob Peace creates music that is, according to All Music Guide, "contemplative, funny, intellectual, good-natured and eccentric all at the same time." Additionally, Bob Peace is "well-worth keeping an eye on." 

With Bob Peace, you're in for a treat. He's a versatile artist, flaunting his prowess with vocals, guitar, and captivating looping techniques. Book him for YOUR next Event!

Bob Peace brings the latest sound equipment and gear (if required) and shows up an hour before the show to set up and go over details.

Peace usually starts the set with a mellow instrumental (often Bob Marley) at which point any children in attendance often come to the stage and grab the shakers. This keeps them happy and the parents usually adore watching them play!

Depending on the specifics of the event, the Bob Peace show will start to pick up a little bit with a bluesy number (say John Mayer) followed by a wildcard track (Valerie?) and the looping will really kick into high gear thus providing an exquisite instrumental ambience for guests to either watch the show a bit or tune out and chat amongst themselves.

The first set is a bit less than an hour, give or take, at which point Peace takes a little break. He can provide interim music if needed.

Set two is usually a bit more lively and requests are welcome at any point during the show.

This set is usually a little over an hour plus there’s a short encore. You’ll find “Hallelujah” and “Free Fallin’” in there if you’re lucky and voilà! Another happy customer! Thanks for choosing Bob Peace!

He's made a living busking in NYC's Central Park and Subway Stations, earning him an interview and jingle on New York's WFUV Radio Station. Later, he performed 6-8x/week at resorts and chateaus around New England, while his debut record, 2009's The Peace, was heard on NPR and garnered a 3/5 star review on All Music Guide (Dave Matthews Band's Crash received 3.5/5). Peace has welcomed Phish drummer Jon Fishman to sit in with his band.

Bob Peace has been performing shows and writing music for over 20 years and has performed upwards of 2,000 shows in his storied and adventurous career. You can be certain when Bob Peace comes to your event to perform that he is going to bring a level of quality and music that very few can replicate.

Bob Peace plays guitar and uses a vocal harmony pedal which provides a rich layer of depth to the vocals. With his Boomerang Phase 3 Looping Pedal, Peace is able to stack multiple musical layers (guitar, bass, percussion), thus creating the sound of an exciting and adventurous one-man-band.

To be sure, the Bob Peace show incorporates elements of blues, country and rock n’ roll to keep the ambience relaxed and exciting all at once.

One Man Band
Demo looping

Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
Wedding cocktail Hour
Price: $2,095.00
Number of Performers: 1
Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes
Extra Hourly Rate: $750.00

can learn up to 3 songs if given at least a month notice.
Wedding Reception
Price: $3,040.00
Number of Performers: 1
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Extra Hourly Rate: $750.00

can learn up to 4 songs if given at least a month notice.