Annie and the Fur Trappers
Based in Somerville MA

Annie and the Fur Trappers are a Boston based traditional jazz band wedding that features music from the 1920s.  Whether you are looking for a band to play a wedding, parade, background music, a charity event, birthday, crawfish boil, or funeral, we can adjust to your needs!  ...    

Continuo Music
Based in Redding CT

Continuo Music is a network of some of the finest, most experienced musicians in Connecticut and New York that perform classical, pop & jazz music to accommodate all of your event needs. “Sophisticated” and “comfortable” describe what many consider the ideal atmosphere ...    

Ahdi Jazz
Based in Allentown Pennsylvania

Previously a small jazz group of 2 to 3 musicians which performed thought Austin, TX. We have now relocated to the north east and are available to perform any sized venues, large or small. We perform major selections of jazz favorites with spins on timing, dynamics, and mixing...    

Washboard Cutups
Based in Seattle WA

Washboard Cutups is the band you would have heard in the back room of a speakeasy during Prohibition.  Percussionist and singer Mike Daugherty (Yes Yes Boys, Blue 4 Trio, Gigantor, Black Crabs) has formed the hottest new band in the Northwest to play blues, stomps, rags,  and...    

Max Cannella Jazz Trio
Based in Snoqualmie WA

My name is Max Cannella, and I am the leader of a nationaly recognized traditional jazz group. We do background, medium, or high energy music depending on the venue. We are looking for gigs so do not be afraid to contact us! Thank you!