Mark Elvis Hussman

One of the top professional Elvis performers in the United States. Full Elvis Concert for all ages. Authentic Look, Sound and Costume. Top quality concert tracks on CD. Interactive show with special requests, dedications and giveaways (scarves, leis and Teddy Bears). Mark Huss...

Maggie Worsdale

-Cabaret Act - standards, show tunes, jazz, interacts with audience, tells stories and uses humor between songs.


-I have 3 acts: 1 cast. Act 1: High-Class Magic (15 minutes)This silent act set to music is 15 minutes of great physical comedy magic and pantomime in the style of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd. On stage, a young handsome flawless magician dressed traditi...


-A versatile duo with a beautiful female vocalist with a great voice, male vocalist with a good voice, great sequences and sound, and a stage act and comidy bits including wigs and impersonations

The Gozzo Group

The Gozzo Group plays standard and original jazz, all members of the band have 15 yrs experience in NY. Ron Gozzo is and experienced performer with a successful career as a professional musician. Ron has played with many great artists including Chico Mendoza, Ratzo Harris, Dav...

The New Morty Show

No More Information Currently Available

Casino Royale

Together since 1999, Casino Royale's songs, dances and style all set the tone for a happening like no other. Miniskirts and boots, velvet suits, flowers and beads; spy culture mystique with daring, dashing men and sexy secret agent babes; sassy soul struttin' and eye-poppin' f...

Newbern   co
Newbern & Co

From a corporate presentation to a housewarming celebration, Newbern & Co provides the finishing touch. An upscale jazz vocal duo, Meryl and Wade perform a wide range of music. With a unique blend, we showcase songs from jazz, musical theatre, and contemporary sources. For...

A dangerousmartinibannerhighresweb
Dangerous Martini

Imagine the sounds of Sinatra, Davis, Gershwin, Coltrane and countless other timeless romantic songs being crooned to you and your sweet love on your wedding day. "Someone to watch over me" and "At Last" are a couple of songs that are frequently requested. With experience gai...

The a band ny
The A Band

The "A" Band is a multi-function dance band. We are well suited for corporate events, dinner dances, weddings or any other private function. The group features several outstanding vocalists supported by a burning rhythym section and a great horn section. We play the songs that...


The members of SPANK are adamant about providing energetic music entertainment to audience's young and old alike. Playing popular rock, dance and top 40, covers from the 70's to present day makes SPANK a popular attraction at any club, corporate event, weddings or festival. SP...

The Eric Hochberg Orchestra

There's nothing quite like the excitement and atmosphere that great music can create. The right mood for conversation. .picking up the beat for dancing and good times. At Eric Hochberg Music we bring this excitement to your special event! From a distinctive Solo Artist to a co...