-I have 3 acts: 1 cast. Act 1: High-Class Magic (15 minutes)This silent act set to music is 15 minutes of great physical comedy magic and pantomime in the style of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd. On stage, a young handsome flawless magician dressed traditi...

Diddley squat 01
Diddley Squat Show Band

Love the blues, but looking for an upbeat, fun-loving band who really puts on a show too? This is the band for you. While paying their respects to blues influences of all styles, Diddley Squat also brings a healthy amount of original material to the audience. This is not a blu...

Brian Hamby

I play piano, same as above, was not able to select more than 1 option on your pull down menu, but I had to select them all to get past this page. .sorry!!

Brantvogel 01
Brant Vogel

We are an original Country Music Band specializing in the Traditional sound. We are a great dance band and general listening band. Currently, we are on rotation at the major Country Clubs in the LA area. We are open to all venues and parties.


Auburn was formed in Seattle in 2004 by a group of musicians with a long and varied past. Michael Alex (drums), Kevin Dillon (guitar), and Bob Swanson (Bass), well known on the west coast circuit and to each other, have been long crossing each others paths. Michael and Kevin m...

Layla 01
Layla Angulo

Layla Angulo is a beautiful, young and sexy saxophonist, composer, vocalist and band leader. She has previously released two Latin, Afro-Peruvian and Salsa Jazz CD's. Layla also works with a variety of great musicians that help bring her music it's energy! You have to check...

Ron stubbs 04
The Ron Stubbs Outrageous Comedy Hypnosis Show

From mild to wild, and literally anything in between, Ron Stubbs's sidesplitting, hilarious, laugh-a- minute hypnosis shows are guaranteed to delight even the most jaded "seen it all" audiences. As the performance begins Ron amazes the audience with a short demonstration of "m...

Storm Rhythm Blues Band

Basicly, a solo live electric rock and roll performance. Can do cover songs, I prefer to do my originals, but, I enjoy playing even the current popular songs. I can also, if I can hook up band personel, have even a full live elecric, rock and roll band. Punk styles, alternati...

Tom Nolan Band

We are a seven peice rock and soul band! Think Motown meets the Stones! Tom is the Frontman/MC/harmonica/vocals/entertainer, Jade is the very sexy, powerful vocal hot momma. Some of our musicians have played with The Temptations, The Supremes, Junior Walker and the All Stars, ...

Miko marks
Miko Marks

A startling talent with a power house voice and a gift for songwriting, Miko Marks delivers a down-home message with savvy and grace. Her lyrics go straight to the soul, telling ordinary stories in extraordinary ways. Miko credits influences that cross the barriers of generati...