Based in Salt Lake City UT

We can play both covers and originals. We are younger guys in our late 20s.

Harpers is five friends blending elements of cosmic Americana with the psychedelic rock of the late 60s and early 70s. Their debut album was recorded with Joshua James at Willamette Mountain Farm and Studios right before / as the coronavirus arrived. It was released without fanfare in September 2021. Hopes of touring this record have long since been swallowed up in the chaos of the times and in the flood of new songs that have been written in response to that chaos. These new songs will soon be released as Harpers' sophomore album, "What Do We Do Now?". This new album will be released in March of 2023 and the band plans to tour extensively. 


The Utah-based band is led by Jacob Beck (vocals, guitar, keys) with the support of Kathleen Frewin (guitar, vocals), Josh Snider (bass, vocals), Chris Riding (keyboard, guitar, vocals), and Ronnie Strauss (drums).