JimBo Trout

Based in San Francisco California

Introducing JimBo Trout and the Fishpeople, a band that effortlessly walks the line between musical passion and pure enjoyment, delivering performances that are sure to captivate any audience! With their unique "bluegrassish sound," JT&FP concocts a delightful musical gumbo blending bluegrass, old-time, ragtime, blues, western-swing, rockabilly, honkytonk, jug band, jazz, swing, Cowboy, rock+roll, New Orleans, and more.

While rooted in tradition, JT&FP isn't afraid to infuse their music with a modern twist, ensuring that every moment is filled with fun and high-energy. Since 1992, this San Francisco-based collective of top musicians from three generations has been crafting their good-time musical experiences. With an extensive repertoire of over 500 songs, their range surprises and delights fans of traditional and contemporary music alike, spanning the generations and captivating audiences of all ages.

JimBo Trout and the Fishpeople's versatility and infectious spirit have opened doors to perform alongside a diverse range of top acts, including Dr. John, Johnny Winter, David Bromberg, and many more. With a dynamic presence, the band continues to breathe life into a myriad of venues, from restaurants and nightclubs to concerts, festivals, street fairs, weddings, dances, retirement homes, and even children's parties. Their busy schedule boasts over 150 shows each year, testament to their enduring appeal and undeniable talent.

Having graced the stages of acclaimed venues and festivals such as Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, The Great American Music Hall, and the San Francisco Bluegrass & Old-Time Festival, JT&FP's reputation extends far beyond the Bay Area. They've embarked on two successful European tours and consistently perform throughout California and beyond.

JimBo Trout and the Fishpeople have truly mastered the art of spreading joy through their music, uniting generations and keeping the music fresh, exciting, and irresistible. Their passion for what they do shines through every note, and their ability to connect with audiences from all walks of life cements their status as one of the most beloved and engaging bands in the music scene today.

Flop-Eared Mule

Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
Price: $3,240.00
Number of Performers: 4
Duration: 2 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $1,485.00

Price: $2,565.00
Number of Performers: 3
Duration: 2 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $1,215.00

Price: $3,915.00
Number of Performers: 5
Duration: 2 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $1,890.00