Marty The Leprechaun
Based in Puyallup WA

If you want to hire a Leprechaun in Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound area, there is simply no better character than Marty The Leprechaun for your saint Patrick's Day event!   A little person who has been portraying the lmascot of the Irish for years there is simply no b...  

Larry the Leprechaun
Based in Framingham MA

Have you ever worked with a leprechaun? Speak with my 40" mischievous, wise-cracking puppet anytime 24x7. Call - Have you ever worked with dummies?  

Kyle Pacek
Based in Burbank California

I am a Little Person who has worked on many Movies, TV Shows, Commercials, Music Videos, Viral Videos, Promotional, and Live Events. I have performed Lead Roles, Background, Stunts, Costume Work, Prosthetics, and even Stood In and/or Doubled for children. I am physically fit a...  

Little People
Based in Las vegas NV

We are a group of little people with a variety of performances and costumes. Such as Oompa Loompas, Leprechauns, Christmas Elfs, Mini Miley Cyrus, Mini Mr T, Mini Ariana Grande, Little People Wrestling, Gremlins, Circus Clowns, ALF, Ewok, Jester, and much more. We also are lic...