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Corporate Event Entertainment

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Discover the Best Corporate Event Entertainment.

When it comes to elevating your corporate event, nothing does it better than top-notch entertainment from GigRoster™ Professional Entertainment Our platform is dedicated to showcasing the finest local talents as well as renowned national performers. From live ensembles and dance bands to premium affordable DJ services, we have it all. But that's not all; our offerings also include elegant string trios/quartets, hilarious comedians, a diverse variety of entertainers, mesmerizing stage shows, and even celebrity emcees and keynote speakers.

Experience Live Music for Corporate Events

Listen instantly to music samples from various artists. Watch promotional videos that give you a taste of what to expect. Dive into detailed in-depth descriptions and critiques that ensure you're making the right choice. Our gallery is filled with pictures of these fun and talented artists and performers, capturing moments that highlight their skills and charisma. Whether you're looking to hire DJ services or contract a band for your corporate holiday party entertainment, we stand as the premier source to transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary, and do everything for you to make the process easy!



This site is user friendly with extensive search functions, pictures and descriptions of the acts as well as music and video samples. We are happy to put together all the specifics for the entertainment you are interested in and get back to you with options, availability and costs for multiple acts. Your choices will be easy and clear, with simple to understand pricing and no mysteries. A website alone simply cannot respond to your needs in planning something as important as entertainment. That’s why we will work with you personally to make the performances at your event spectacular!

As a fulltime Talent Coordinator, my goal is to provide dedicated VIP, red carpet service to the select clients I work with. We call it ‘Entertainment Concierge Service’ and you deserve nothing less and I’d like to offer this enhanced service to you at no extra cost.


Charles Orlik


Personalized Corporate Event Planning

We understand that a website alone can't cater to the unique needs of planning something as crucial as entertainment for your corporate event. That's why your GigRoster™ Talent Coordinator is here to help. Share with us the specifics of the entertainment you're interested in, and we'll provide you with options, availability, and costs for multiple acts. From Corporate Event DJs to corporate event photobooths, your choices will be straightforward and transparent. No hidden costs, no complexities, just simple and clear pricing.  Your GigRoster™ entertainment coordinator is not just a customer service representative, but also an active entertainer with decades of experience in the industry as well, that can help present multiple options to you to fit your needs.

It does not cost extra to take advantage of this personalized service!

Entertainment plays a pivotal role in the success of any corporate event. With our platform, you're not just getting entertainers; you're ensuring that your event remains memorable for all attendees. So, whether you're brainstorming corporate event ideas or looking for the perfect live music for corporate events, we're here to make the process seamless and the outcome spectacular!

Preview Hundred Of Professional Acts

Select Choices to Fit Your Budget

Listen To ProfessionalMusic Samples

Lock in Your Choice With A Professional Contract

Watch Demo Videos To See Performances

Insurance For Booked Talent is Included If Required

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