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Elevate Your Visibility With a Comprehensive, 

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Now you can take advantage of our expert tech team to craft an exceptional listing that ranks prominently in relevant searches, saving you time and effort. We’ll put in the hours to make it great, and best of all, it is an affordable, one-time fee.


Remember, at GigRoster™, profiles with thorough promotional content are given priority, ensuring they appear at the top of search results when your qualifications align. For instance, if a customer's search yields five acts, those with comprehensive promo will be showcased first.


Allow us to enhance your presence, captivate potential clients and guarantee you'll come up higher in the search results!*


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What wonderful possibilities can we bring to life by incorporating your insights to ensure the effectiveness of your listing?

We Can Upload 10 or More Pictures




We Can Format & Add Promo Videos




We'll Include 10 Music or Sound Clips




We Create Engaging Descriptions, Bio and More




We Can Help Create Pricing Packages




We'll Add Your Upcoming Schedule




Step into the spotlight and witness the transformation as we craft an extraordinary online presence for you, guaranteed to emerge on the first page of every relevant search you are qualified for*



Styles: Unveil your versatility and command attention by showcasing up to 10 distinct styles on your profile. Elevate your visibility to new heights with this pivotal step that ensures you won't go unnoticed.

The Story: Ignite intrigue and captivate your audience with an alluring description that unveils your unique talents. Our team's mastery of words will paint a vivid picture of everything you have to offer, leaving potential clients enthralled.

Photos: Empower your first impression with visual allure by incorporating your captivating imagery. We'll infuse life into your profile with 10 or more professionally taken photos that truly capture your essence.

Music: Let your melodies resonate and captivate with ease. Elevate your profile by adding one or more enchanting music or sound clips that convey the breadth and brilliance of your artistry. We'll expertly format and incorporate up to 10 sound clips or more, as needed.

Videos: Witness your profile soar as we add compelling videos that bring your performances to life. Video is paramount in providing potential clients a firsthand glimpse of your captivating live presence. We'll curate and integrate 3 to 5 high-quality videos that magnify your style and expertise.

Prices: Unveil your pricing strategy and entice curiosity with sample price packages and special feature add-ons. This transformative addition will enthrall potential customers, setting you apart from the rest.

Availability: Streamline the booking process and usher in potential clients by showcasing your upcoming schedule of up to 20 booked dates. Anticipating the inquiries of visitors, this feature will establish your reliability and prompt engagement.

Website: Amplify your reach and strengthen the hands of our GR Talent Coordinators by integrating your direct website link. A crucial asset for potential customer proposals, this link can truly make a difference in securing your bookings.

Get ready to shine brilliantly in the digital realm, capturing hearts and bookings with an unparalleled web presence designed exclusively for you.


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Once you've completed the payment for your Enhanced Profile, reach out to us at with your information or complete the form below, and we'll start creating your exceptional GigRoster™ listing.



Leave the technicalities to us! We take care of the intricate formatting and configuration to ensure that your profile shines brightly in the search results. However, achieving this excellence is a team effort, and your input is invaluable in helping us curate your profile with precision. Here's a user-friendly breakdown of the essential information we need from you to craft your personalized listing on GigRoster™

1. Your Styles: Share the styles that best define your act. From there, we'll work on pinpointing ideal keywords and styles for your profile.

2. Your Story: Write a few sentences about your act, its uniqueness, and what you offer. Alternatively, if you have a website with a solid description, share the link, and we'll enhance it.

3. Your Photos: Send us 10 or more high-quality photos of your act via email. Alternatively, provide web links to where we can download them.

4. Your Music: If applicable, send us 5 or more good-quality sound clips via email or share download links. We can work with various formats and will handle any conversions needed.

5. Your Videos: Share web links to your videos on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook. We'll convert and load up the videos for you.

6. Your Prices: Provide your basic pricing and desired net earnings. We can craft up to 5 pricing and 5 add-on packages. Include details such as net price, hours covered, number of performers, and any special features.

7. Your Availability: Give us a glimpse of your upcoming schedule with up to 20 dates. Alternatively, direct us to a webpage where your schedule is listed. Include date, time, location, and performance type (public or private).

8. Your Website: Let us know your direct website link so our GigRoster™ Talent Coordinators can gather more insights about you to assist their clients.


*Curious about what we mean by "searches you are qualified for"? It's simply about aligning your performance styles or genres with the geographical areas where customers are seeking entertainment. At GigRoster™ we take pride in delivering a seamless user experience, ensuring that our searches are precise and valuable for those in pursuit of remarkable entertainment options.

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This is Intended for Professional Performers Only. 

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