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The Metro Jazz Combo

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Affordable Jazz For Any Event!

The Metro Combo is the hippest jazz band in the area today-providing the highest-quality musical compliment to your function, party, or lounge. These artists together have years of experience entertaining discerning audiences around the region and are sensitive to the needs of any given situation, from understated background accompaniment for a small dinner party to upbeat and entertaining music for wedding receptions and corporate events.

The Metro Combo is the perfect jazz trio for weddings and parties, clubs, concerts and festivals. Performing instrumental jazz, swing, standards and more the combo is also available as a quartet or quintet, depending on your needs and budget. With years of professional experience the group's members exhibit a passion for the sounds of modern and classic jazz, Latin, Brazilian and soul music, helping to create a distinctive style, spontaneous and entertaining tunes and a dynamic that never fails to impress.

For the perfect touch of class at your wedding celebration, you can't go wrong with live jazz. and for the finest live jazz, you can't go wrong with the Metro Combo. If it's an evening reception Metro will add the ideal music during cocktails and dinner, and can weave the music around speeches and presentations for a seamless evening. For an outdoor afternoon reception, the combo's music is the perfect accompaniment for socializing.

The Metro Jazz Combo is the ideal choice for an evening of wining and dining. Their upbeat sound is a terrific backdrop for cocktails, and the classic melodies will set the right mood for dinner. With top musicians performing the perfect repertoire at the perfect volume, you can be sure the music will enhance your event without ever intruding on your guests' socializing. Whether it's the Trio, or one of the larger groups, you can't go wrong!

When you have a special evening for employees, clients or an event to honor your top achievers, how do you turn a simple presentation into an all-out gala? Metro knows how. by punching up the production with live music. The band will provide great jazz during cocktails and dinner then pick up the pace for a true celebration for the rest of the evening.

The Metro Jazz combo is made up of the finest musicians in the region. Committed to quality and bringing exceptional live entertainment to your event at a very affordable price. As one of the top combos anywhere, this dedicated group has been featured at some of the cities to venues, night spots and banquet facilities. Our commitment and desire is to bring you a brand of live music that will have your guests talking long after the evening ends. Nothing compares to extraordinary live music, and nobody brings it home better than the Metro Jazz Combo!


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What's the Idea Behind The Metro Combo & Why Are They A Great Choice For You

Established in 1999, The Metro Combo put together specifically with the idea of providing exceptional jazz for any event and doing it at a price that would stay within the budget while not sacrificing quality. At GigRoster™ where we have been providing local talent for parties and special events since 1983, we knew what it would take to provide our valued clients with the right music for their events. Some of the challenges we had run into in booking top combos included both budget and quality of performance. Many of the groups had a 4 hour minimum when our clients really needed only a few hours at, for instance, a client cocktail party. This would bring the starting price in hundreds of dollars higher than many of our clients may have expected to pay or had budgeted. We did not blame the musicians of course since it didn't make any sense for them to come out to a performance and be paid half their normal fee for a very short performance, especially if they were professionals who made their living playing music. It also didn't make sense for us to recommend a non-professional "hobby" or student group, who played part time for fun and would work at a nominal fee. Booking a group simply based on price seemed to often have the result that the quality and experience was lacking. Certainly they would work very hard to do a good job, but they often did not possess the skills or musicianship to play at the level our clients expect and deserve. Our experience over more than 20 years of providing entertainment told us that saving $100-200.00 on music at important events usually was something the clients would later regret. And there are never any "do-overs"allowed. 

Our solution was to put together a team of skilled performers who were committed to providing a service customized to what our clients were looking for. It did not need to be the cheapest service in the area, but it needed to be affordable. We started with trio and quartet prices for  2 hours that was fair and reasonable to the musicians, but still affordable for the clients, with additional time available at an even better rate, less than half of the rate for the first hour.

And we made it so that the groups would be able to pro-rate additional time in as little as half hour increments, rather than a full hour. For repertoire, the group did not need to be able to perform every piece of music under the sun, but it needed to be able to play a wide variety of jazz and standards that work well for the jazz genre from classics to popular. Our musicians needed to be versatile in instrumentation, offering trio, quartet and quintet options to fit the needs of the client with standardized repertoire that could be played with either any combination while still producing a full, rich sound. Our team was made up of highly trained professionals who hold bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in music performance from some of the top music schools in the United States. We set out to put together a lineup of some of the area's top players who were versatile enough to play in a number of settings and who could do it with both skill and style and class. 

Our solution became the Metro Combo, now for over 20 years a popular and affordable choice in jazz music for almost any event!