STREET CHOIR "Van Morrison Tribute"

STREET CHOIR "The Ultimate Tribute to VAN MORRISON"  

Big Daddy The Band of 59
CA - Los Angeles

Big Daddy (the band of '59)  brings Musical Comedy Theater to a new level. This  Seven Piece time-traveling  comedy romp offers hilarious renditions of hit songs from every era by making  each one sound like it just blasted out of a 1950's radio.  Why do they do it?  Well, tha...  

Gypsy - Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac Tribute
CA - Los Angeles

GYPSY - A tribute to Stevie Nicks, is a dynamic rock concert experience. A complete show with costumes, storytelling and world class musicians that captures the sights and sounds of a Stevie Nicks concert. Presenting all of her solo hits along with songs she performs with Flee...  

Creedence Concert Revival
CA - Los Angeles

America's premier tribute to the greatest hits of JOHN FOGERTY & Creedence Clearwater Revival,  CREEDENCE CONCERT REVIVAL (CCR)  performs a high energy full concert experience with authentic, spot-on renditions of the instruments & vocals to get the audience on their f...  

California Eagles Tribute Band
CA - Los Angeles

America's premier tribute to the greatest hits of The Eagles,  CALIFORNIA EAGLES perform a full concert experience with authentic, spot-on renditions of the instruments & vocals to wow the most critical of audiences.  Featuring performers from the AXS-TV Channel's WORLDS G...  

Gypsy Heartbreakers - Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks Tribute Band
CA - Los Angeles

Experience the music of Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks like never before! Two major artists on one stage performing their most popular songs with world class musicians!   

Chet Baker Tribute
MA - Western Mass

The Chet Baker Tribute sublimely captures the soulful and hauntingly beautiful trumpet and vocal style of one of Jazz’s greatest icons. Featuring the sweet and sultry vocals of Rob Fletcher, and the smooth, articulate flugelhorn and trumpet of Ed Brainerd, this show is a taste...  

Feeling' Groovy (Simon & Garfunkel tribute)
MA - Western Mass

Slow down, you move too fast! You've got to make the great music of Simon and Garfunkel last! Now you can relive all the classic hits of this beloved folk-rock duo with Feelin' Groovy: The Music of Simon & Garfunkel, portrayed by veteran performers, Rob Fletcher and Eri...  

The Ultimate EAGLES Tribute -On The Border
North Carolina

The Ultimate EAGLES Tribute -On The Border, continues to be touted as the most authentic sounding Tribute to the Eagles in the country!  So much so that in 2015, were crowned "The Greatest EAGLES Tribute Band in the World" by AXSTV and Katie Daryl. They perform shows all ov...  

Hollywood Blondie - A Tribute to Blondie
CA - Los Angeles

Hollywood Blondie is a fun and exciting tribute to Blondie, the iconic band formed in the mid seventies by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein. They became famous for their eclectic mix of musical styles including disco, pop, rap and reggae while retaining their cred...  

Good Vibrations Beach Boys
Nevada - Las Vegas

The Music - Timeless The Summer - Endless The Sound of Summer is: Good Vibrations! There is only one show that re-creates the timeless California spirit and incredible music of The Beach Boys as it was meant to be experienced. Good Vibrations - A Celebration and Sto...  

Pop Gun Rerun - A Tribute to the 80's
CA - Los Angeles

Pop Gun Rerun - 80's Musical Experience has been hired by some of the biggest names in business, to include - Donald J. Trump Resorts, IBM, Disney/Pixar, A&E Television Network, Anaheim Angel's Baseball, San Diego Chargers Football, American Cancer Society, Cesar's Palace,...  

R.E.M.itation - World's Most Authentic Tribute To R.E.M.!
CA - Los Angeles

Introducing on, the World’s Most Authentic Tribute to R.E.M., a high-level look alike and sound alike band paying tribute to a band Rolling Stone Magazine called “America’s Greatest Rock Band!” If you are looking for a tribute that dares to be unique and eclectic, then on is t...  

Rat Pack Comeback
MA - Western Mass

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are back from Vegas and ready to entertain you in this fun-filled journey down memory lane! Prepare to swoon as they croon some of the timeless classics of their legendary showbiz careers. You'll hear all the songs you remember such as "When You'r...  

WhosNext - The Who Tribute
CA - Los Angeles

“WhosNext” is a powerful realistic tribute to THE WHO with an incredible resemblance to THE WHO both musically and visually. WhosNext's professional, energetic, audience engaging performance is a must see for classic rock fans young and old and will leave fans screaming for mo...  

The REAL James Brown
Maryland & DC

It's Star Time!!! Just close your eyes while our authentic tribute to the Hardest Working Man in Show Business takes you back to the legendary Apollo Theater circa 1962, the iconic TAMI Show performance of 1964, Boston Garden in 1968, and many more... Austin Turner is Th...  

Chicago 9 Tribute Band
New Jersey and NY - New York City

 Band Profile Phil Saglembeni, a lifetime fan of the band “Chicago”, re-created the Sounds Of Society, Chicago Tribute Band in 2010. In January 2016 they renamed the group "Chicago 9 Tribute Band to better convey what this band was all about. Back in 1978, Phil was a member...  

Stayin Alive- Reflections Of The Beegees
FL - Jacksonville

Stayin Alive is a 6 piece show with songs and costumes recreating the BeeGees of the 1960's to the Saturday Night fever trademark white suits of the 1970's and right into the present day. They also expand the disco portion of the show to include various disco dance hits by KC ...  

Heart Love Alive Tribute
CA - Los Angeles

HEART LOVE ALIVE, is the Premier HEART tribute rock band, set out to re-create the music of the legendary powerhouse rock band, HEART! Based in Los Angeles/Ventura, California, HEART LOVE ALIVE authentically recreates the music, vocals, energy and spirit of Ann & Nancy Wil...  

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow pays tribute to the 60's and 70's with truly authentic renditions of some of the genre's greatest songs. While other tribute bands just play the music, Mellow Yellow goes the extra mile to capture all the hey-man-peace-and-love-grooviness of the songs that helped...  

Good To Be King - The Premier Tribute To Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
MA - Western Mass

Good To Be King - The Premier Tribute To Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, is a highly reverent tribute show that captures the essence of one of rock and rolls most prolific and best known writers, Mr. Tom Petty and one of rocks most enduring and tight bands, The Heartbreaker...  

All Star Tribute Revue
MA - Western Mass

In a one-night tour through several of pop music’s historic high points, an eclectic revue of entertainment giants will take the stage. The All Star Tribute Revue feature a lineup that offers something for every music lover, including uncanny tributes to Simon & Garfunk...  

Queen For A Day: A Tribute to Freddie Mercury
MA - Western Mass

Queen For a Day: A Tribute to Freddie Mercury! This rollicking, high energy show is an energetic extravaganza featuring veteran performer, Rob Fletcher. Rob's authentic portrayal of one of rock's greatest legends incorporates detailed costumes, vocal prowess, and of course, th...  

Liza Minnelli Impersonator/ Tribute Artist
Nevada - Las Vegas

Suzanne Goulet is the "one and only" tribute artist who can give you the illusion of watching the real Liza Minnelli. With her incredible looks, brassy belting voice, sizzling dance steps and her passionate performance, Suzanne brings on stage a complete and uncanny image of t...  

Viva Las Elvis
MA - Western Mass

Rob Fletcher’s high-energy Elvis impersonator’s Viva Las Elvis show features the greatest hits and moves of the King! Rob’s Viva Las Elvis tribute performances have been described as, “charismatic, warm, energetic, infectious, full of youthful exuberance – a seasoned perfor...  

Transit Authority

Since performing their very first shows together in the early spring of 2004, Transit Authority has become known throughout the U.S. as the premier tribute band to the iconic group Chicago. Based out of St. Paul, Minnesota, this eight member ensemble creates an accurate musica...  

"Windy City"
TX - El Paso

Playing the music of "Chicago" is a "Hard Habit to Break". We love doing it and are "Feeling Stronger Everyday" we play it. We are nine members strong with a combined musical experience of almost 300 years. Dang we're old, but still rocking and rollin! As long as there are ...  

No Quarter- The Led Zeppelin Legacy
WA - Seattle

The Led Zeppelin Experience is quite simply, according to Executive Producer to Paul McCartney Dennis D Amico, "The Best Zeppelin Band on the Planet". The Led Zeppelin Experience has been pounding The Hammer of The Gods to audinces around the world for over a decade, deliverin...  

OR - Portland

My acts are meant to capture your special moment in time. Whether it is bringing back old memories or creating new memories to last a lifetime. Kialani is dedicated to providing an environment that will be sure to stick with you for years to come! Services include tributes, va...  

CA - San Diego

PettyBreakers is the nation’s premier “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers” tribute act.  Based out of Southern California, this band tours the country accurately recreating the sights, sounds and concert experience of a Tom Petty concert. All the classics… American Girl…Break Dow...  

Mick Adams and the Stones
CA - Los Angeles

Mick Adams and The Stones have been named one of the top ten tribute acts in the world and are endorsed by Ryan Seacrest, Mark Cuban and Jerry Greenberg, former President of Atlantic Records who actually signed the Stones to Atlantic.  In addition, Mick Adams and The Stones ha...  

Broken Arrow: The Music of Neil Young
New Jersey

Broken Arrow performs the music of Neil Young, featuring both the rockin' electric Crazy Horse tunes and the more acoustic, pedal steel driven country rock material. The band delivers these classic songs faithfully while taking them out on some jamming excursions and tastefull...  

Rob Garrett - "King Of Diamonds" Tribute To Neil Diamond
Nevada - Las Vegas

ROB GARRETT as NEIL DIAMOND Like his iconic counterpart, Rob Garrett was born in New York City. He began learning to sing and play guitar at the age of 14. In 1974, his parents relocated to Las Vegas which still remains his home. In 1980 he formed the group "Rock 'n' Roll H...  

Remembrance: A Musical Tribute to America’s Veterans
MA - Western Mass

Remembrance: A Musical Tribute to America’s Veterans is a remarkable collection of songs and musicians. The songs from America’s past explore the depth of emotions shared by soldiers and those who loved them – from loss and longing to pride in work and country and a fierce lov...  

The Orange County British Invaders Band
CA - Los Angeles

About The OC British Invaders... The British Invasion describes a time in the 1960’s when audiences all across America were singing and dancing to music from across the Atlantic. It began with the arrival of The Beatles in America in February 1964, and continued for several y...  

Atlantic Crossing The Ultimate Rod Stewart Tribute
CA - Los Angeles

Atlantic Crossing is the world's favorite Rod Stewart tribute because, A/C is a the most exciting and true tribute to Rod heart and soul of Rod Stewart and his iconic style is recreated to great detail. From dance classics like "Hot Legs" and "Do You Think I'm Sexy", to sweep...  

Simple Man
CA - Los Angeles

A Featured 5 Star Act! Simple Man is the quintessential Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band. Based out of Southern California, this group of consummate musicians and soulful rockers embody the talent and energy of the original band, who sadly lost members much too soon. Simpl...  

Johnny Conga
FL - Miami

     I have worked with Carlos Santana, Sergio Mendes, The Jackson 5, Gloria Gaynor, Gloria Estefan and over 100 other major artists and with over 20 Grammy winners. 17 International World tours  to over 50 countries..Mature and professional  Play "all styles" from Pop to Jazz...  

Chicago Rewired
North Carolina

Tribute To A Legendary Band Chicago Reloaded is a tribute to “Chicago” – one the longest running and most successful pop/rock groups in history with record sales topping 100,000,000 including 21 top 10 singles, 5 consecutive number one albums, 11 number one singles, and 5 g...  

The Paul McCartney Tribute
WA - Seattle

The Paul McCartney Tribute performs a high energy show with the the best of Paul's songs from the Beatles, Wings and his solo career. Each song is performed with the sole intent of duplicating it as close to the recorded versions as humanly possible. Larry Green is Paul McCart...  

Chicago Tribute Experience
CA - San Diego and CA - Los Angeles

Originally named “The Big Thing”, Chicago Transit Authority formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois. After their first album they changed the name to simply “Chicago”. The self-described "rock and roll band with horns" began as a politically charged, sometimes experimental, rock b...  

the Sound Beats Tribute to the Beatles
WA - Seattle

All your favorite Beatle songs from early Beatles black suits to later Beatles Sgt. Pepper suits. All great musicians and singers. Fun for the whole family. This show is self contained and ready to bring back the great music of the Beatles to your event! Over 4 decades of m...  

Kids in America-Totally 80s Tribute Band
North Carolina

Ready to be blasted into the past? Kids in America is a high-energy, power-packed, 6 piece band paying tribute to the totally awesome 1980s. From New Wave to pop ballads and rock, Kids in America specializes in recreating visually and delivering musically all of your favorite ...  

The LA Beatlemaniax
CA - Los Angeles

The LA Beatlemaniax joyusly recreate the sound of The Beatles' 12 studio albums, thirteen extended plays (EPs) and twenty-two singles released between 1962–1970. They also can perform the best songs from the individual Beatles solo careers. They perform a high energy Bea...  

East Coast Alice, a Tribute to Alice Cooper
Rhode Island

East Coast Alice,is a full on Alice Cooper concert experience .We bring all the generation spanning hits from schools out to poison. We also duplicate all his on stage antics from electric chairs to guillotine's ,snakes and evil nurse's our show has a way if putting a smile on...  

Tumbling Dice - A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt
CA - Los Angeles

Dedicated to the music of Linda Ronstadt, Tumbling Dice pays homage to this great artist and the songs she made famous. Lead vocalist Donna Cristy brilliantly captures the clarity, power, grit, and emotional throb of Ms. Ronstadt’s voice, possessing the ability to move audienc...  

Rebel Soul
Nevada - Las Vegas

Touring Classic Rock act with a soulful Southern and Country twist.   Rebel Soul was formed by lead singer and front man Joey Grillo. Performing hand crafted originals and hit songs, with a wide range of styles, Rebel Soul is a high-energy band with great stage presence ...  

Petty Fever
WA - Seattle

Petty Fever is a multi-Award winning full production Tribute to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, featuring the captivating Guitarist/Vocalist and 2016 Hollywood fame award winner Frank Murray.  

ELVIS By Dano (a Li'l Johnny Cash)
WA - Seattle

ELVIS By Dano (a Li'l Johnny Cash) has been entertaining audiences around the Great Northwest as a professional solo act for the past thirteen years! His very nice voice, natural moves, plus the way he often sings close up and personal to the ladies in his audience, add up to ...  

Stevie Nicks Illusion
CA - San Francisco and CA - Los Angeles

Stevie Nicks Illusion, A Tribute to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, is one of the most authentic sounding tributes to Stevie Nicks to date. The band consists of some of the best musicians the nation has to offer, and the vocals of Diana Grace are spot on as Stevie Nicks from t...  

The Jethro Tull Experience
WA - Seattle

The Jethro Tull Experience is an entirely unique tribute band, and a true homage to the most successful and influential progressive rock band ever created. Not content to just recreate the Jethro Tull sound, JTE front man Paul Forrest becomes Ian Anderson, playing guitar and f...  

CA - Los Angeles

Super-fun 80S BAND fronted by the beautiful Gretchen Bonaduce!  

World Tour - Legends of Rock
CA - San Diego and CA - Los Angeles

WORLD TOUR- is a HIGH-ENERGY rock tribute band that authentically reproduces the most legendary rock anthems primarily form the 80's (we also do dance to current for corporate events).  With a look and feel of Bon Jovi, World Tour is highly versatile with multiple lead vocalis...  

Absolutely Elvis

Absolutely Elvis is a delightfully entertaining show for all ages! Todd's voice, costumes and moves are an exciting depiction of an actual Elvis concert.  Todd is an award winning Elvis tribute artist who performs regionally in the Minnesota area and also in Arizona during the...  

Neil Diamond Impersonator

Neil Diamond Tribute Show! A Tribute to the best songwriter and performer ever! Neil Diamond! Sounds more like Neil Diamond than anyone you have ever heard. Family show at reasonable prices.  

CA - Los Angeles

The combined forces of the countries best Beatle tribute impersonators, come together in the finest recreation of John, Paul, George and Ringo. All the correct instruments, custom clothing and make up, extensiclve repertoire, great audience interaction. Available globally for ...  

All Star Variety Show
CA - Los Angeles

The All Star Variety Show has been entertaining audiences since 1992. You select the acts to fit your budget and theme of your event. Whether it's a private, corporate or fund-raising event, ASVS will knock out your guests with its tightly programmed show, filled emergy and th...  

The Alley Cats
CA - Los Angeles

America's Premier Doo-Wop group. For over 25 years these cats have been entertaining all over the world. Opeming for Jay Leno; Cruise Lines; Casibis; Public and Private events of all categories. TV, Radio, Live Stage.  

Carpenters Tribute Concert, starring Sally Olson

Starring the acclaimed Vermont singer Sally Olson and her all-star band, Carpenters Tribute Concert is the definitive show celebrating the music and history of the famed brother-sister duo. You will enjoy the signature hits “We’ve Only Just Begun,” “(They Long To Be) Close To ...  

Fleetwood Macked
NY - New York City

Fleetwood Macked-The Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band One of rock's most successful hit making machines Fleetwood Mac's performance history comes to life with this visually and sonically uncanny tribute Hailed as the most authentic Fleetwood Mac tribute band in the U.S., Fleetwoo...